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The Rex Microvest is a front worn pack for kids which is designed with light, fast, and comfortable features. Never before has a product like this been available for kids. This Microvest is the product of 17 years working in the military with materials and equipment designed for specialized use. Those principles are what made the Microvest durable, functional and amazing. The features of the Microvest are:

  • Two water bottle pockets reinforced with bungee cord for a secure fit and optimal backward retention under load
  • Adjustable and removable elastic straps that provide a snug and secure fit for activities such as hiking, backpacking, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, biking, boating and more
  • The vest is made of strong outdoors 90D rip-stop nylon with reflective material integrated throughout the pack for added visibility in less illumination
  • Under the pack is also a built in rainfly for wet situations on the go, and we spared no expense and added waterproof zippers to improve the packs resistance to the elements
  • Internal storage of 1.75 liters. Inside our Microvest is a well organised system for storage of the adventure essentials and we put another waterproof zipper inside the pack
  • If tunes is what you like then there is a port on the top for audio 
  • All failure points of attachment have been lock stitched for a lifetime of durability


Common Questions:

Q: How big of a water bottle can the pouches hold? 

A: The pouches on both sides is meant for a child sized water bottle but it will fit a larger size also. Keep in mind that larger amounts of water will change how the vest feels. 

Q: How does is wear if I only put water on one side?

A: The vest is best worn with equal weight on bother sides. Empty or even is a way to look at it. The user can have one side for water, and the other for electrolytes in water. If only one side is used for liquid then try to counter that weight with a snack or another adventure essential. 

Q: What age is to young?

A: The Microvest is intended for kids older than 4 years. We included an extra small strap for kids who need a tighter waist strap.

Q: I'm an adult, will this fit me? 

A: Generally not, but adults have purchased them anyway. Some adults can wear kids cloths too. Soon, we will be adding a larger model for adults specifically. 

Q: Is the Microvest waterproof?

A: No, this has been tested with the rainfly and without. We have designed the pack to be very resistant to water. However, we have decided to limit the chemicals that would make the materials more waterproof. See information on California Proposition 65. 

Q: Is this product made in America?

A: No, but we have a very good relationship with our manufacture in China. They have read and  acknowledged all of our guidelines for fair and ethical treatment of workers. See more in our Code of Conduct.