Hey, I’m Adam Johnson -- creator of Rex Outdoors and  the Microves® for kids. I started my company while on active duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While training for advanced land navigation in the Army. I used my own vest to carry essentials like water, a compass, food, cell phone, and more. After many hikes and encouragement from a friend, I decided to design and make a front carrying vest prototype for kids. This was no small task! I tested it out on my kids always keeping in mind what they would like, how they would use it while hiking or traveling, and how it could adjust and grow with them as they got older. Now, after many designs and redesigns, we’re a family and veteran run business.

The Microves® is the only front-worn vest system for kids on the market today, which means it’s a one-of-a-kind product. Most other types of bags for kids are large, and hard if not impossible to access on the go, but not anymore! Our system weighs only 13oz., and it is the only system for kids held snug to their body and built military style with durable material and techniques. We not only use highly durable materials and water resistant fabric, but we made sure our manufactures understand every single detail in production. 

Today, Rex Outdoors® is proud to present the Microves® to all families who are bound for adventure and who are eager to implement activity into their lives from sandy beaches to high mountains, the Microves® will enable your kids to do more with less