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Foot care and treatment is interesting in the way that most people avoid doing it until their feet are in pain from hiking. If you have spent some time outdoors you would know that after a little while on your feet they can start to hurt. A lot of factors can contribute to a painful experience on the trail or even off. I will cover what I know from the 16 years of being in the military.

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Rex Outdoors: Off-Trail Essentials When I go backpacking off trail over rough terrain in various types of weather it is always difficult to scale back what I need and what I just want for comfort. There is a vast difference between what you think you need and what you actually use. I sometimes bring more than I can handle and the weight is more than preferred on the steep inclines. Once I even buried my unneeded gear at a point I would be returning to. That’s not recommended; I only use that as an example of how I needed to...

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